Saxophonist Gina Brese fell in love with the saxophone at the age of eleven.

I was eight years old when I started to take in interest in music, especially jazz. I soon realised I wanted to learn an instrument that was fun. At the age of eleven, I held a saxophone for the first time and I was immediately so fascinated that from that moment, I barely put it down.

Soon, I got my first saxophone of my own, an alto saxophone, and this was the start of my existence as a musician. At the age of fourteen, I wanted to play more than just the notes on the page, so I began to improvise. Not just to the jazz classics I learned at school, but also to house and pop music, and much more. Everything I heard on the radio had to be embellished with the sounds of my saxophone.

At 16, I stood on my first big stage and performed, with a DJ, to house music for several thousand people.

An indescribable feeling that made it easy to decide to make my favourite hobby into my career.

Today, I can share my music and my passion for this instrument with so many people. I’m not at all a classical saxophonist. On stage, I love to polarise audiences with my modern house and pop sounds, to win them over and to entertain them. I am living the dream of moving people with my music.

Saxophonist Gina Brese realised very early that her heart beat to the tune of the saxophone, and that was what she wanted to do. Even when she was very young, she stood on large stages and knew that she wanted to be a musician. Her professional highlight so far has been performing live with Rod Stewart in front of 50,000 spectators and millions of television viewers around the world.


You too will be bewitched and enthralled by the incomparable sound.
The saxophone’s breadth of style is hard to surpass.

The range is almost limitless

As a musical backdrop to your reception, pre-dinner drinks, wedding, birthday, company event, trade fair, confirmation or communion, with the high-energy beat of rock and pop or something quite different with house, R&B and chart music.

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